But I See

Silent but not blind.

I see the look that you carry in your eyes, how it lights up during my absence and how it dwindles with my presence.

I know that you are whispering behind my back. I see the smirk on your faces as you slander my name with false accusations and assumptions.

I see the pressure you pile on me hoping that I will break. Hoping that you will get to laugh at my defeat.

I pretend to be oblivious of the plot you are forming. The tricks that you are pulling. I am sweet by nature its not in my blood to be rude. I’m humble, I’m considerate, I’m loyal and I’m friendly. Sometimes people use these quality to hurt me or mistreat me.

Don’t exploit the good quality people have for your own gain.

This world can be so unfriendly and so unkind. Why not be the changes instead of adding to the problem.

Give yourself time


Give yourself time to heal. The hurt doesn’t go away all together in a blink of an eye but with time it gets better. Give yourself time to be happy. Enjoy every moment life has to offer sometimes we get too distracted by the woes that we fail to appreciate the beautiful moment life has to offer. Give yourself time to understand. Sometimes we want to have everything figured out all at once when in fact we just need to understand what is going on now.

Give yourself time to entertain peace. Arguments will arise but learn how to walk away or not react to everything. Give yourself time to grow. Seek to improve yourself try always to be better than you were yesterday, or a year a go. Water yourself with knowledge, experience (as the present themselves) and with new and innovative things.

Give yourself time to sip a good cup of tea. It can help you to relax and as you relax enjoy a good book or good company.

Give yourself time… Because waiting is always better than being wrecked.


The process of growth

Growth is never easy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Its in the growing process you recognize who you are, and what you are really made of. The process towards your growth can be rough, but the harshness of it helps to refine you.

Do not be weary….

Don’t be discouraged when the pressure of the process starts piling on, its teaching you resilience. When you are knocked off your feet and to your knees, that’s how you know your knees know how to keep your head above the waters (pray). When failure waltz itself into your direction, be the better dancer. Never crumble, Never fold! Be so aggressive in your move that failure cannot keep up with your pace.

Watch yourself grow, overcoming hurdles after hurdles, victories after victories. Now watch as you make other aspire to be the best version of themselves.

Growth is never easy…. But the results are worth it.

Sometimes you’ll get frustrated…

Never let frustration cripple you.

Sometimes the things that you normally do doesn’t exactly float your boat… It doesn’t mean you are depressed. Maybe you need a break.

Sometimes what use to be your motivation no longer holds the same value… It doesn’t mean that you are not motivated…

Sometimes you get frustrated… And its ok. Maybe you need a break… We all need that every now and then especially during these times. Just ensure frustration does not cripple you.


Survivors Survive, you’re not out.

You will have to survive some hard hits to make it. Prior to going to college, I was working in a department store in a local town and i was made fun of. I remember one day this girl that I went to primary school with came to the store saw me and asked for a shoes. As I was getting the shoes for her she started laughing at me. She had already started college and was in her 2 year or so, I guess to her, that’s where I would always stay. It didn’t break me but I held that memory.

I would have more instances like this, then finally the one that hit me to my core. This other girl who she and I went to high school together, and pretty much shared everything walked into the store. I was so happy to see her and with excitement I greeted her. She stared me dead in the eyes pretended that she didn’t know me then walked away. I was stunned, and I remembered going home and crying because of how she behaved. But I’m a survivor and survivors survive.

That blow hit me hard, I thought on it for long and processed it. A couple months later I got accepted into college and was to start the summer of the same year (which I did). Coincidentally, this high school friend heard through the grape vine that I was starting school and started texting me again and I shut it down immediately!

Some persons never wants to be in your struggles, but they will always want to be in your victory. Know when to sever ties, and never let your current situation or how people perceive you define who you are.

Survive. Survive every hard hit, every set back, great is ahead. Never limit yourself!

The year 2020

Happy new year!!!!

I am almost certain that we did not plan for the woes that came with 2020. The happenings of the year broke most of us, it took so many things and love ones from us. For me it will forever be lodge in history.

So with bated breath, we look towards 2021, careful not to place too much hope in it, out of fear. Which is understandable. But as humans we hope. We hope for things to change, we hope that when the sun rises in the ski revealing the first morning of the new year something pure will happen. That the dust of 2020 will just stay only in 2020.

The reality is the woes that were prevalent in 2020 will come with us for a time in the coming year. But we hope… That as the days pass normalcy we returned.

Although 2020 was a turbulent year I’m sure most of us can honestly say we learnt something new about ourselves, we discovered some hidden talent and we have all engaged in something we longed to do but time was lacking…

As We hope for a better year never for get what 2020 has thought us… How to survive inspire of the odds… The year 2020


Empower with Knowledge

It was Sir Francis Bacon who stated, knowledge is power and with all my heart I believe this phrase. The more knowledgeable someone is the more equip they are to make a decision. I must admit though that even though persons may get this knowledge they may not choose the direction or option you had intended. However, its a decision they have made base on the knowledge or information given.

Now more than ever people are using the voices they have been given and often they lean on facts to support their claims. So gone are the days when they think they are entrapped thus skewing them to one direction, as information is now available at their finger tips.

This era is different and this generation view things differently… Empower us with knowledge. We are reading and applying that which we have read. We are also committing things to memory for later. Feed us with the right things… Empower us with knowledge



Age does not define how mature you are. Maturing is more than growing physically or aging, it also speaks to maturing in our thought process and emotional growth. I have known persons who are eighteen or twenty who are more rounded and mature than persons in their late twenties or thirties and on ward.

Sometimes society over looks these key component of the term mature, and would want to, dear I say, silence people merely because of age. I have been truly blessed to have a mixture of friends ranging from teenagers to adults. These teenagers and young adults can for sure work amongst who we term “adults”. The manner in which they express themselves and the conversation they hold will simply blow your mind. When they speak, they are in depth with their analysis,their outlook is so refreshing, so real and their ultimate conclusion is well thought out.

Do not judge anyone merely because of their age or how they look.

Some days until Christmas

Poinsettia for the season

One of the most common plants of the Christmas season is the Poinsettia. Known for its bright beautiful and bold red, this plant screams Christmas. Up until a few nights ago my knowledge of Poinsettia was very limited, but now I have a little better understanding. The Poinsettia has thought me two big lessons .

1. Wait until your season comes and while in the waiting get mature. Everyone has a season, at times for them when things are going in your favor in a remarkable way. There is also a time when you are being processed getting refined. The refining process are not always the best as in it can be hard. Especially if you keep looking around and seeing other people get what your heart desires. But don’t rush, its not your season. You are not for the summer season wait. In this period of waiting get mature. Learn to develop a resistant. Critical analyze things work you to become better.

2. When your season comes no one can stop you. The Poinsettia glows and blossom so differently as it gets to the holiday and most person are fascinated with it and it simply cannot be overlooked. Like the poinsettia,when your season comes you cannot be overlooked. You glow differently you get recognition from places and persons you did not expect. It is now your time, you are for the winter season and despite the conditions that presents itself you will thrive!

The Poinsettia never compete. They know their worth will be seen soon. Be like the a Poinsettia don’t compete or compare yourself with someone of the summer, spring, autumn or winter season. Know when its your time and rest assured you will know when your time has come too.